Staffan Svensson

Staffan Svensson, trumpet player and composer. Born 1963 in Falkenberg and living in Göteborg. Since last three decades frequently seen at the Scandinavian and the European stages for jazz and improvised music. In acoustic aswell as in electro-acoustic groups and also in interaction with contemporary classical music, choir music and modern dance.

Anders Jormin, Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson, Jon Balke, Jon Cristensen, Audun Kleive, Andrew Hill, Marilyn Crispell, Andy Sheppard, Iain Ballamy, Raoul Björkenheim etc. is among the prominent musicians he has worked with. The result by now is more than sixty record releases.

"Svensson can play a Miles Davis-like muted trumpet, but maybe more important is his ability to uniquely mix composed music and improvisation with a significant Nordic flavor. He creates modern improvised music with new forms. His music may have a somewhat profound, meditative breathing, without getting dull, music that repeatedly fascinates. Despite standing out as an individual, Svensson has often been recognized for his work in a collective. Even when he moves through an unaccompanied solo cadense, it is a part of an organic progression, in which the mutual musical language creates the essence. Svensson is a master of the process of interplay between the predestinated and the spontaneous - even arranged passages can have the quality of improvisation."

Besides his musicianship he is constantly working with Göteborg Artist Center, and other projects like the contemporary festival Göteborg Art Sounds (


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