"Svensson can play a Miles Davis-like muted trumpet, but maybe more important is his ability to uniquely mix composed music and improvisation with a significant Nordic flavor. He creates modern improvised music with new forms. His music may have a somewhat profound, meditative breathing, without getting dull, music that repeatedly fascinates. Despite standing out as an individual, Svensson has often been recognized for his work in a collective. Even when he moves through an unaccompanied solo cadense, it is a part of an organic progression, in which the mutual musical language creates the essence. Svensson is a master of the process of interplay between the predestinated and the spontaneous - even arranged passages can have the quality of improvisation."

- from the project with Andrew Hill Jazzpar Octet, Denmark 2003

Staffan Svensson, trumpet. Born 1963 in Falkenberg, Sweden. Has since over three decades been active on the Scandinavian an European scene for jazz and improvised music. From the acoustic to the electronic jazz, together with contemporary and experimental art music, including collaborations in choir and chamber music to multimedia performances with contemporary dance. From previous works in the 80's with formost groups like Entra, Surge and Oslo 13 to numerous constellations and projects nationally and internationally with prominent musicians and composers like Thomas Gustafsson, Harald Svensson, Anders Jormin, Peter Danemo, Palle Danielsson, Cennet Jönsson,  Bobo Stenson, Audun Kleive, Jon Balke, Jon Christensen, Tore Brunborg, Bobo Stenson, Geir Lysne, Elin Rosseland, Lisbeth Diers, Lotte Anker, Marilyn Crispell, Barry Guy, John Tchicai, Alex Riel, Andrew Hill, Steve Swallow, John Paricelli, Tommy Kotter, Anders Kjellberg, Joakim Milder, Stefan Forssén, Staffan Mossenmark, Flesh quartet, Kari Ikonen etc etc. Which in parts is documented on about seventy records.

Current projects are:

 - SounDance, electro-acoustic duo/trio w. Thomas Gustafsson

 - Lighthouse, w. Peter Danemo, Malin Wättring and Magnus Bergström

 - Open, w.Thomas Markusson, Naoko Sakata and Cornelia Nilsson

 - Loïc Dequidt kvartett, w. Mattias Hjort and Peter Nilsson

 - trio w. Georg Riedel and Mattias Ståhl

 - Dolores, w. Fredrik Nordström, Andreas Hourdakis and Ilaria Capalbo

 - Art of Spectra, w. Peter Svenzon/Ulriqa Fernquist (dance/multimedia)

 - different projects with Harald Svensson

Since the 90's also strongly engaged in different culture-structural work, mainly through Gothenburg Artist Center/GAC (1995-), which has resulted in the establishing of the rehearsal center Bunkern (1998-), the producing of concert series like Entra and Entranet (2010-2017), the contemporary biennale Göteborg Art Sounds/GAS-festival (1999-), the music development centre for new music RNM (2013-2017),  former member and chairman of the board of  directors at Nefertiti Jazz Club besides the establishing of the concert venue network Knutpunkt (2017-).

Has recieved the Swedish Radio prize Jazzkatten to "musicians who deserve wider recognition/Grand Cru" and Jazzkannan from Svenska Jazzriksförbundet for "innovative efforts in the Swedish jazz environment". 

photo: Patrik Sandström


photo: Rolf Ohlson