Current bands & projects

Open here - trio w. Anders Kjellberg dr and Göran Klinghagen git

SounDance  - duo w. Thomas Gustafsson sax and as trio together w. Michala Østergaard-Nielsen, drums

Lighthouse - quartet w. Peter Danemo dr, Malin Wättring sax and Magnus Bergström b + extended version w brass/reeds

Dolores - quartet w. Fredrik Nordström reeds, Andreas Hourdakis g and Ilaria Capalbo b

Loïc Dequidt quartet w.Loïc Dequidt p, Mattias Hjort b, Peter Nilsson dr

 + extended project w.wind quintet or quintet version w Tommy Smith sax

Art of Spectra - modern dance company/multimedia performances, led by Peter Svenzon and Ulriqa Fernqvist

Different projects with Harald Svensson, piano/keyboards - from duo, trio, quartet up to large ensemble


Other selected projects as producer:

Göteborg Art Sounds/GAS festival


- Knutpunkt concert network in the west and south of Sweden (

- InDiiD, recording and streaming of concert movies